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'There was only one way to truly understand the magical journey of chocolate' 

The Cocoa Bean Journey 

From Tree to Truffle . . .


'I travelled to Costa Rica, a country mostly known for its coffee bean plantations but also produce some of the most finest cocoa beans in the world. The country has an ideal climate throughout the year to grow many different types and flavours of cocoa beans. Cocoa trees need lots of heat and sun all year round (although shade is needed during its early life). The country has remarkable and beautiful landscapes, it flourishes in greenery and extraordinary wildlife'.

'My chocolate adventure begun in the mountains of Mastatal in Costa Rica, a village with a population of just 150. Here my amazing journey began working along side the family who ran the La Iguana chocolate farm. The family have been growing, harvesting and making chocolate for three generations and still continue to produce beautifully aromatic and flavourful cocoa beans. Due to limited accessibility, La Iguana Chocolate's cocoa beans are considered extremely rare which is why Jamie is honoured to be able to still use the cocoa in a selections of his truffles.

​Like JK Fine Chocolates, the family use traditional techniques in their cocoa production, no heavy machinery or air-conditioned factory, this is a hard grafting chocolate farm who peel every cocoa bean by hand.'

Jamie's special selection of chocolates and truffles have been carefully and extensively created from fine cocoa from Costa Rica, Madagascar and Columbia.  Jamie values the hard work that farmers put in daily in order to produce high grade cacao to be made into chocolate. Cacao is a diverse fruit that is packed full of antioxidants, fibre and protein. It goes through many technical stages which each play a role in the finishing flavours and aromas.

JK is are passionate about giving customers the best chocolates and truffles available with no shortage of luxury. We love to use other sugar alternatives such as honey and date syrup. ​

Each one of our chocolates and truffles have been hand crafted using no heavy machinery. We use traditional methods in our chocolate making such as tempering chocolate on marble slabs and hand rolling truffles from start to finish.


​​ Costa Rica 


​​ Where it began... April 2014 

​​​Plantation Manager ​


​​​Jamie O Kemp 


​​The Adventure Continues... October 2017


It's the fine ingredients and hand peeled cocoa beans that makes our handmade chocolates and truffles so special.


The Origin of the Triple Truffle


​​​Owner & Farmer ​