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'What would we do without chocolate? It is truly an incredible food which dates back to the Aztecs when pure cacao was enjoyed mostly as a hot drink mixed with different spices. Now in the 21st centery I give you my selection of exquisite chocolates and triple layered truffles made from fine ingredients and single origin chocolate.'

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The Origin of the Triple Truffle

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The Origin of the Triple Truffle

Specialising in luxury chocolates that have been passionately created to give you a real unique chocolate tasting experience.

All our chocolates and truffles are made from our very own specially created recipes using fine ingredients and single origin chocolate. We like to be different and give you an amazing chocolate tasting experience like never before.

Many of our fine chocolates and truffles have been inspired from Jamie's trip around Costa Rica. He discovered the incredible hard grafting process that small cocoa farmers go through to produce amazing chocolate that we adore and love. 

Jamie also discovered how truly pure a cocoa bean is and that they are an extraordinary tasty fruit right from when they have been freshly cut out of a cocoa pod. This is why all our 'Triple Truffles' contain a unique gooey cocoa bean ganache inside, made from hand roasted and crushed cocoa beans from the farm Jamie stayed at last year. Truly exquisite, unique and no half measures of luxury.

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